Endearing Wax Creations was started in November 2006 to offer something
unique.  As a matter of fact, offering something unique is part of our vision
and mission statement.

Mission: Provide a unique and quality product, with a focus of giving back to
the community.

Vision: Treat each product with the same care at all times.

Endearing Wax Creations is headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana with an
operational facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  This small business is
owned by Janette Roseboro and currently has 3 employees.  Janette
currently works full-time in the banking industry and decided to turn a new
found hobby into something that she can share with others.

We at Endearing Wax Creations feel that this type of product will be useful
in many homes, businesses and schools.  This is an excellent way to refresh a
room with a scent that you truly adore.
Endearing Wax Creations