Feedback/Guest Posts
Who: Lei Lei Patterson
Company: Lei Lei's Cuisine, Inc.
Company Website:
Comment: These bears are awesome!!! They make the whole room smell good.  While offering a
pretty decoration.  I am planning to buy 3 more for my friends.
Love the site!
Who: Patti Sandominick
Company: AON Consulting
Company Website: N/A
Comment: THANKS ! I liked the Vanilla so much I also bought a Sweet Pea ... my house smells
AWESOME ! Rest assured I'll order more !!!   
Who: Tomika Fuller
Company: AON
Company Website: N/A
Subject: Scented Bear
Comment: The bear I gave my mother was nice. She loves it and cried when I gave it to her.
Thank you so much!
Who: Daniele Anthony
Company: AON
Company Website: N/A
Subject: Stolen Bear
Comment:  I purchased a white Heavenly scented bear. My bear never made it home. I stopped
by my friend house and she took my bear out of my car. She has the bear sitting on her living
room table. Everyone who comes in her house ask her where she got the bear from. I just
wanted to let you know that my friend is very satisfied with my bear.
Who: Carla Simpson Reid
Company: AON
Company Website: N/A
Subject: My mommy loved the bear!!
Comment:  I ordered one of your bears for my mother's birthday!! She LOVED it!! She has the
honeysuckle vine scent and it is absolutely fabulous!! Thanks for making such a personal gift!! It
was fabulous!!
Who: Kim King
Company: N/A
Company Website: N/A
Subject: I Love my Dale Jr. Bears
Comment: I purchased 2 bears from Endearing Wax Creations - both were Dale Earnhart,Jr.
bears - 1 was for my daughter and 1 was for my boyfriend.  Both bears had their own uniqueness
and both are loved by my "babies" very much.  Thank you Endearing Wax Creations very much
for making such wonderful keepsakes.
Who: Renee Gibbs
Company: Aon
Company Website: N/A
Subject:Cu/Watermelon Bear
Comment: Hi, I must say 1st I am so proud of you & your family.  This is one of the best ideas
in the world.  I got one for my mom on my birthday.  She loves it.  I plan on getting more.  Keep
up the good work.  My GOD Bless you and Keep you!
Who: Katrina Williams
Company: N/A
Company Website: N/A
Subject: Bear in a Jar
Comment:  I recently went to a Craft Fair here in town, and I wasn't really finding anything I
liked until I came upon your table.  The bears were just so gorgeous and smelled so good, so I
bought one.  Now I am buying 4 more for family members for Christmas.  You are so talented
and only hope that you continue to keep up that talent!!!  I am a HUGE fan!!!
Who: Patti
Company: Aon
Company Website: N/A
Comment:  I'm losing track of how many I have ordered ! These make the best gifts and with
the new items coming out I might as well sign over my paycheck ! Keep the new items coming !!!
Who: Carla Simpson Reid
Company: Aon
Company Website: N/A
Subject: Great Christmas Gift!!
Comment:  I had endearing creations to do a Strawberry scented monkey for my niece for
Christmas and she LOVED it!!